Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Release Day!

Today is a big day at my house. My husband, Matthew, has his first book as author AND illustrator out today, Trouble Gum. This book is beautiful and funny and sweet. It received a stellar review this past weekend in the San Francisco Chronicle. You can order it here, or harangue your local independent bookseller into carrying some copies (actually, it probably won't involve haranguing. This baby sells itself!). Today also marks the release of my novel, Get Well Soon, in paperback. So if you didn't have the dough to buy the hardcover (I mean, you really wanted to, but you couldn't afford it, so you checked it out from the library, which is still very awesome), you may now purchase the paperback. And, it has two special bonus features: a long interview with me AND the first chapter of my upcoming novel, Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, which doesn't even come out until September 29! Yowza!

On to more stuff. There is an interview with me up at derekerdman.com, all about The Tube Bar Deluxe CD, which I appeared on due to a weird cassette tape I made back in 1990 that wound up in the hands of some jokey indie record company guy at Teen Beat Records. If you go to this link, you can read all about how it happened, plus you can listen to the CD track. It's all very embarrassing, in a high school junior of 1990 way.

Speaking of listening, here is the latest episode (broken down into two 15-ish minute segments) of "The Neverending Commute." Enjoy!

Part 1


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Double congrats! TLH