Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Happy Story, an Interview, and a Podcast

I was going to tell a funny and slightly interesting story about this woman who sold me a coat last weekend. OK, maybe I'll still tell it, in miniature. The woman asked the name of my baby, and when I told her Romy, she asked, "Like the movie?" (as they all do), and I said "Yeah." Not that I named her after the movie, but it is the same name. And I like the movie very much. Anyway, the clerk starts saying (and loudly), "I'm the Mary! You're the Rhoda!" over and over again. It was slightly frightening. In the same interaction, I also got a fabulous deal on said coat, plus the woman next to me in line let me use her extra coupon. Wow.

Two links comin' at ya. The first is a great interview with the newly minted YA author, Josh Berk, of the February release THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPIN (that's actually how we got to be friends; his book title is almost my name. Really). The second is my follow-up episode of The Never ending Commute about what inspired my last episode, all about my internship on "The Adventures of Pete and Pete."

Episode 8 Part 1

Episode 8 Part 2

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