Friday, September 04, 2009

I'm on a Road to Nowhere

TGIF, am I right? But seriously, folks. Take my wife-- please!

I hope everyone has a great three day weekend (if you have one). I have another two part podcast to offer you. In it, you can hear a few bizarre traffic stories, including one entitled "Circus Viaduct." Intriguing, no?

Neverending Commute Episode 4 Part 1

Neverending Commute Episode 4 Part 2

Also, please visit Mary Burkey's blog, Audiobbooker, to read an interview with me about, um, audiobooks.

I wish I had more to type, but I'm poooooped after my first week back at work. Labor day, indeed!


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I love your audiobook interview! I've felt embarrassed over scenes on my audiobooks before, which is funny because it doesn't bother me to read them. But I guess I fear the driver next to me will somehow hear my audibook.

Julie H said...

Thanks, GBTQ! I also wonder if people watch me as I cry listening to audiobooks, too. Sometimes I have to sit in my car for a long time afterward to make myself look normal again.