Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Questions I Have

I see all of three people have listened to my latest podcast Part One. And ZERO people have listened to Part Two. I'm such a loser. That's not going to stop me from podcasting, but possibly listening to audiobooks is. I may get back into that because my commute is beyond tragic. Damn you, construction and landscaping!

In exciting book news, I am almost finished working on the trailer to my new novel, Into the Wild Nerd Yonder. It should be ready by the end of the week. I think it's pretty good. It was fun to make, anyway, and I used drawings and music by some of my old students. Nice.

I am also considering paying for digital cable so that I may use a DVR and record programs and fast forward through commercials and not waste my precious time that I could be hanging with Romy by watching commericals. But, should I waste my money that could go towards my precious Romy? Like her college fund and stuff? Does anyone else have serious guilt about paying tons of money just to watch TV? Cause I'm worried about that. As a librarian and an author, I'm worried. Thoughts?


nissa said...

My gift to Jesse upon having Anja was the DVR. We usually can only watch TV after 9pm--and gosh darn it I will not stay up until 11 to watch Project Runway or Destination Truth on rerun. We love it--definitely a little guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

After having the Comcast DVR for four months, I unpacked my VERY old Tivo and breathed a sigh of relief. And if you really love TV, than isn't it worth paying the outrageous, mafia-funding fees?

Re: your podcasts, is there a way to sign up for them? Like through an RSS feed? Or a podcast through iTunes? I try to schedule a catch-up-on-everyone's-blogs-etc. day every week, but I'm much better at keeping up when stuff is "fed" to me. So if I see the blue dot in my downloaded Podcast section, I'm compelled to make it disappear. But I'm downloading your episodes I missed right now. :o TLH

Anonymous said...

Get the DVR and digital cable. Having the power to never watch a commercial again is liberating and worth the $$$. I used to think DVRs were stupid and for people who were slaves to their TVs, but it's actually the opposite. I can record any shows I want to watch, and mostly I record shows for my kids to watch. Then we can watch whenever we want, not according to someone else's schedule. I'd never go back to normal TV. It's not that I watch a lot of TV, I don't, but now I have total control over it.

Julie H said...

Well, I did it. I had a debacle with AT&T, where they were going to have to come in and dig through my house, so I canceled with them. Comcast only has to give us a box, and it's a done deal! You guys were very convincing. I'll send you the bill.