Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Interview! Of Me!

Check out this interview with me about Get Well Soon at a blog called Bildungsroman:

Be sure to comment so I look popular! (Did that sound desperate?)


Mary Burkey said...

Hi Julie!
I sat with you at the Sins of YA lunch in DC. I'm Mary Burkey, and I'm on the Odyssey committee. I am SO glad I had you autograph my "Get Well Soon" postcard. I have been reading such fantastic buzz about it! As one middle school librarian to another (AND I went to Glenbard East High School in Lombard)- Congratulations! You make us proud! And have you cleared your schdule for 21 hours under the headphones for HP7???

Julie H said...

Hey Mary! Thank you so much for your amazingly kind words! You did a fantastic job at the Celebrating Audiobooks for YA-- How did you manage to be so cool around Judy Blume?!

I have a Harry Potter confession that I will blog about tonight. I have been putting it off, but the truth must be told.

Thank you again for writing!!!

TLH said...

What? There's a postcard too? Where can I get one?