Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The End of Con

Matt and I have been in San Diego too long. I booked the trip so we could do some San Deigo-y things after Comic-Con, but it's kind of anti-climactic. We went to the zoo yesterday, which definitely exceeded my expectations (I could almost ignore how the poor animals were locked up). We spent a good five hours there, which says a lot with my attention span. But today- Tuesday- we couldn't get a flight out until 4:30, so we have been putzing around our hotel and the city. We had a great breakfast, but now we're just killing time. I hate killing time because that means wasting time, which kills me. I finished the Harry Potter audio much faster than planned (cause I listened constantly just to avoid having the ending spoiled), so I don't have any audios to occupy my time. Nor did I bring any novels because I assumed I would be reading comics. But I'm a little tired of comics. Sigh. Matt's is loving having Cartoon Network in our hotel room. I guess I will sign off, and we will head out to the airport for another long wait. Later this week I will post a link to my website that shares some of my Comic-Con pics. Stay tuned.


Tracy said...

Agreed. If you're not doing anything productive, it's a waste. BTW, can you email me privately and tell me who dies in the HP series? I never read any of the books but I still want to know who bit the bullet...or maybe it was magic wand.

Still would love to hear more about The Con. Did you get any neat things while you were there?

Julie H said...

I am not the best with memory in terms of who died throughout the series, but Entertainment Weekly has a special edition out this week that lists all casualties and characters. It is very helpful.

We didn't buy a whole lot this year, except for a bunch of Peanuts t-shirts that were too cute to pass up. And a special edition mating Zoidberg doll from Futurama.