Thursday, July 26, 2007

Con Part 1

It is the morning after Preview Night at the San Diego Comic-Con. I was soooo tired yesterday, having not slept the night before. Matt and I already managed to spend money in the short hour we were on the floor at the Con last night. There were so many people and so many smells. It was fun, though, and I'm excited to see some of the panels and people we're scheduled for later today. Below are some pictures of the throngs waiting to be let into the opening of the exhibits and a group of people dressed up (I think the Cat Woman was trying to be sexy, but she failed miserably). And me with Frankenberry. Which makes sense, right?

CRUD. It is now the evening. I tried to upload the pictures this morning, but it wouldn't work. I would blog about my day (it was jam packed!!!), but I'm too tired. I will post this measely post for my two readers, and I will try to write more tomorrow and hopefully get some pictures up. Today's dollar total was under $50. Not bad.

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Tracy said...

So did you get harrassed by the village lunatic again this year?

And I'm pretty sure I have dissassociative identity disorder. There are at least 6 personalities so you really have 7 readers!