Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Happy

Happy Fourth of July. I have no events planned, Matt's working today (since tomorrow is our anniversary, he's working today to have tomorrow and Friday off), and I'm still a little depressed. I wake up most days feeling crappy, both physically and mentally. I think my allergies are the worst in my bedroom (which is probably for some gross reason, like I don't clean enough), so I'm all snorgy in the morning. On top of that, I'm in a food rut. Not that I can't eat (that will NEVER happen), but nothing (except for maybe Kit Kat Blizzards) sounds very good to me. Matt and I are trying to figure out what to do for our anniversary, but the stress of trying to plan something romantic pretty much takes all of the romance out of it. I think we may just go to some funny Wisconsin places and my favorite Wisconsin grocery store, Woodman's. I love that place. The cheese aisle alone is like a mile long. And we may go to the Jelly Belly factory tour in Pleasant Prairie, WI. I went last summer with my mom, and it was very cute. Free jelly beans and whatnot. I think our main goal should be that the time be spent on us, instead of with a laptop and a TV in front of us. Maybe we can see a movie.

Speaking of movies, I saw 1408 last week. I thought it was good. I don't know why, but I get stressed out in movie theaters that other people aren't going to like the movie. I have so much trouble just focusing on the screen. I freak every time someone talks or, don't get me started, texts (you assholes think I can't see that bright light coming from your phone?). Going to the movies is getting less fun every time I go. Maybe it's the location. I wonder if we lived near a more upscale town, if theater goers would be more polite. But I doubt it. That's why I usually wait to go to the movies when the movie has been out for a long time-- that way I can usually avoid sitting near people. Anyway- 1408 was decent. John Cusack was just right for the part when he got to be sarcastic, but looked a little silly and hound doggish when he was trying to look scared. The story itself was very Stephen King, with an alcoholic author and an evil building (room, in this case). But I love Stephen King's books, particularly because they are so heavy on the character development, so I'm usually game for his movies.

I did pilates at the gym yesterday. I used to take pilates twice a week when I worked at a school closer to my house. I had rock hard abs. Not anymore. That class kicked my butt, and now my butt, stomach, and even my arms are hurting. At least I know I did it right.

I think I'm going to go and play the Sims now. Take my mind off of real life with my fake computer people.

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T-Boz said...

I liked 1408...more than I thought I would. But no one wanted to see it so I was on my own. But I did go to a quieter section of town so I could hear everything. But I've been to those theaters where you want to scream shut up to about 3/4ths of the audience.