Friday, July 27, 2007

Guess Who I Ran Into?!

For some stinky reason, I can't upload pictures to my blog from my hotel. Hopefully they will work when I get home because I have so many exciting things to share! Yesterday was awesome, although today was so awesome that I almost forgot why yesterday was so awesome. Yesterday we saw the First Day of Issue for the Marvel U.S. postage stamps. There was a fancy lady singing the national anthem and everything. We saw Stan Lee speak, which was happy because he is pretty old and still loving everything he does. I saw George Romero interviewed by Max Brooks (who was really hysterical), both of whom I really like. I was in the third row and could see both of them perfectly! Plus, The Devil Wears Prada was on HBO in our hotel room last night, which I love.

Today, though, is not to be believed!!! Before Matt and I visit one of many panels, who do I run into on the exhibit floor but--- Joss Whedon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what did I do? I cried. Yes, I cried when I met Joss Whedon. It was really amazing because only two dudes were talking to him, so I pretty much had him to myself while Matt took a picture. Then David Fury [whose name I saw on his badge and recognized, but only now do I see that he is insanely huge in the TV world- executive producer of Buffy, Lost and 24! Holy shit! What a nice guy! And I barely said a word to him because I was so blown away by Joss] comes over and asks if we want a picture of both of us with him. Joss said he liked my shirt (which I think is a magic shirt because interesting things happen when I wear it. I'll tell the shirt story in another blog entry), and I was totally on the verge of tears. Who knew that Joss Whedon would make me cry? I have a short list in my head of celebrities that would make me cry if I met them, but I never really thought of Joss that way. It makes sense, I suppose, considering how important Buffy is to me. I told him, "I love everything that you do." That wasn't such a lame thing to say, right? And then I walked away and started actually crying. I feel like a doob, but it was an amazing moment. Tomorrow I will see him speak (not for the first time), but it will definitely be more special now that I have met him in person. I am so happy that that happened.

The rest of the day was filled. We saw the pervy, kind of icky comic guy Joe Matt (more on that if you'd like to know). We managed to meet the adorable and hilarious Nick Frost and Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame because I won a ticket in the autograph lottery. We saw Alison Bechdel speak, which was wonderful. And Miriam Katin. Lastly, we thought we would squeeze into the Kevin Smith presentation, but the entire 6,500 seat room was filled! You should have seen the line to get in. Matt and I sat outside and watched the people waiting. It literally went on for several city blocks. So we didn't go to that. No big loss, but we thought it would be fun.

Two days left. So much excitement, I'm already sad that it's going to end. Signing off from Con.

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adverb1000 said...

At least you managed some communication with him. I'd probably just stare for a minute, say "They got the mustard out!" and then cry. Actually, I'd probably do the same thing if I ever meet Jeremy Piven, which makes no sense at all.