Sunday, December 05, 2010

What to Watch Weekend: Go!

This weekend's recommendation is the 1999 film Go.  Doug Liman, who went on to direct The Bourne Identity, directed this frenetic movie about a bunch of whipper snappers who spend a drug-induced Christmas eve going to a rave, going to Vegas, and getting shot.  I am not doing the movie justice at all.  It has an incredible soundtrack, which makes it one of my treadmill staples, and the cast is great.  Sarah Polley, who I just watched in the freakfest Splice (holy crap! Has anyone else seen this?), is all cool and adorably skinny.  Timothy Olyphant is scary and shirtless, as he should be.  And Katie Holmes is, well, Katie Holmes-y, which is fine for her role.  And it's one of those movies that relives different moments from different characters' points of view, but in a really excellent, fun way, not in a pretentious, confusing way.  GO rush out and watch it!  See what I did there?

And you must also watch this.  My homies over in Norway (Jeg elsker deg!) gathered this randy and RANDOM group of people (I'm talking Judd Nelson, Ray Pruitt from 90210, and Carleton from the Fresh Prince to name a few) to sing "Let It Be."  It's ridiculous and completely Norwegian.  It goes on forever, but the crazy guests just keep coming!  We're talking Peter Falk, Sherilyn Fenn, Freddie Krueger, Tanya Frickin' Harding, Right Said Fred, and many, MANY more!  And the hilarity is underneath their names, they also choose the most random credit for that person.  For instance, "Rick" Schroeder was credited for "The Champ."  Hva?


Kimber Leszczuk. said...

Great post. Loved the video...question though... did they let the Milli Vanilli guy lip synch? LMAO

Julie H said...

I can't help but always feel so sad for him! And who WAS singing all of that? It seemed like sometimes people had the same voices, and sometimes their own. Ugh.