Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Part (two) of that world

I can't say I'm not disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm about yesterday's post.  Did you just miss it because I posted in the afternoon?  I thought you would be all over it!  Isn't it fun to pretend?  I'll just keep doing it for myself then.
1.  If you had to live in one world purely for its fashion, weaponry, and/or gadgets, which would you choose?
Hmmm.  I am curious as to how the hairstylists on Buffy managed to make her brown hair blond and still look so soft and shiny.  But I don't think I'd look very good as a blond (which is another blog post I intend to tackle someday: celebrities who are natural brunettes who look better as blonds AND those who look awful as them).  It's ridiculous that I keep asking questions I can't answer.  At first, I thought I might want to be in Willy Wonka, so I could go into the magical room where everything is food.  But I'm so germaphobic, that the concept now grosses me out.  Ooh!  I know.  I would want to be one of The Pink Ladies!  But in Grease or Grease 2?  I mean, who doesn't want to be Stephanie Zenoni?  Am I right?  Hello?  Is anyone there?  For weapons and gadgety stuff, I think Star Trek: TNG is pretty awesome.  I could probably spend all of my days in the Holodeck, thus allowing me to live out any fantasy I have.  How does anyone in the world of TNG not spend all of their time in the holodeck?  Plus, I think I remember that they never had to have blood drawn in the awful way we do, just a little reader thing held over their skin without puncturing it.  I would remember that .
2.  If you had to actually BE a fictional character, which one would you embody?
I'm pretty sure I'll go with Buffy on this one.  She's super strong, has great hair, is witty and charming and lovely.  I really admire her.  It would be a hard life, but I'd have my Scooby Gang to help me out.  It would be an amazing power to walk down the street and know you could kick anyone's ass.

I'm going to leave today's blog at two questions, since no one fully answered yesterday's three.  If I don't get any real answers today, I'm changing subjects.  Sigh.  What do blog readers want from me?  I'm so confused.  I bet Buffy could figure it out.  Or at least Willow could.


craftysunday said...

I had too much homework yesterday, although I must say your post intrigued me. I hope it's okay to answer yesterday, here, since my brain has pretty much been wiped clean from student's about all I can handle.

1. If you had to choose one World to live in, which would you choose (in a general kind of way)?
I’m with you on this one- Harry Potter. I’ve been listening to all the audiobooks (it makes me somewhat like my commute, almost love, but that’s a strong emotion for a commute) and sometimes I think I am in that world. The other day, for example, a teacher came whirling out of the lounge, coffee in hand, and almost ran into me. “Ohmygosh…Harry Potter!” my brain exclaimed. Seriously- dark, messy hair, glasses, and (I’m not kidding) a red and gold striped scarf. Had I been more alert (I was on my way to get my own coffee) I might have made a comment about quidditch.

I also saw Viktor Krum at J. Crew, but that’s another story…

2. If you had to have one romantic interest from another world, who would it be?
Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) on the OC, Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) on Dawson’s Creek (actually, he was cuter as Charlie in The Mighty Ducks, wasn’t he?)

3. If you had to inhabit one world based on the other people inhabiting it, which would you choose?
Bones or CSI (Las Vegas, natch). I have this secret desire to work in a lab.


Nolan said...

1)Just for fashion, i'd choose to live in the world of Across the Universe. Weaponry and gadgets i'm split between iROBOT and Brave New World.
2)I'd be Damon Salvatore.

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

1. - I think I would want to live in the world created in House of Flying Daggers, Hero, or Memoirs of a Geisha. All the colors are so beautiful and flying ninjas are just cool!

2. - I would want to embody hit-girl from the kick-ass comics because she has some serious ninja skills. She knows her self defense pretty good! Plus she is younger and to go through high school again without having to worry about bullies or idiots putting spitwads in my hair... ha ha ha. LMAO

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

I am changing my answer for number three to Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood! :) It would be cool to be able to hear people's thoughts. said...

1. fashion? gossip girl. i never kept up with that show after the first season, and it seems to jump the shark every episode, but man, are those clothes pretty. as for gadgets, i agree with you about tng. holodeck!

2. is this one we'd like to be, or the one we're most like? because, man, would i love to be buffy, but i think i'm stuck as a season 2 willow for life.

Julie H said...

This is more like it! Sorry to put he crack down. Or is it the smack down? Geez. I was not doing either smack or crack, so you know. Mindi- I can totally see Krum at a J. Crew. Turtlenecks, and whatnot. Nolan- Imagine if you were in iRobot wearing the fashions from Across the Universe! Kimber- I sense an Asian theme to your choices. Sort of. And Carey, it's who you'd WANT to be. So are you saying you're walking around in colored tights and gym shoes? Cause I like to rock that sometimes, too.