Friday, December 17, 2010

I Do Not

It's time to talk about marriage.  Not NORMAL person marriage, but celebrity marriage.  What is wrong with celebrities, you ask, that they cannot stay together?  This is in the wake of multiple celebrity break-ups in the past few weeks, including the as expected one of Ryan Reynolds (who I will never see as an action stud guy, no matter how much he works out) and Scarlett Johansson (who also does not appeal to me at all).  In my humble (and often right) opinion, I think it boils down to three things: 1) Acting, 2) Time intensity, and 3) Money.  I shall explain. 

Acting.  That's what they do for a living, so I can't imagine it's so easy to turn it off when they go home at night.  Like when you're a teacher, and you have to go home and grade.  Or that one kid who did something awful that day won't get out of your head.  I'm sure all careers have this to some degree, so why not acting?  I figure actors have this warped sense of reality, so when they come home to their spouse, or soon-to-be spouse, they act like what they think a happy couple is supposed to act like.  And that works.  For a short amount of time.

Time Intensity.  This isn't the greatest way to phrase what I'm thinking, but Romy is up in her crib and I am (as always) rushing to finish this post.  What I mean is that when you work on a television or movie set (which I can say from experience, since I was an intern on The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and I know what a 16 hour day can do to your personal life), you see the same people for a very intense period of time.  You have your own little trailers.  Junky food is spread out for you.  You all know and hang around the same people.  So it's like your own, special world.  But when the television show or movie stops filming and BAM you are in the real world with lots of other people, and then suddenly you are on a whole new set with completely different people than your newly made spouse, those people are the ones that get the time intensity instead of the new/old beau.  Did that make sense?

Money.  This one's huge.  For real people, we have to think a lot about money a lot of the time.  Weddings cost a shitload.  And so do divorces.  Real people have to think about the money they spend on their big day, and they also have to think about what would happen to their money if they divorce.  It causes people to think more about why they got into their marriage in the first place and hopefully helps a lot of people work through their marital problems instead of taking the easy and quick way out through divorce.  By no means am I saying that some couples don't need to get a divorce.  I'm just saying that celebrities seem to think marriage has little meaning and that getting out of short-lived marriages instead of working through is the norm.  Or maybe they just jump into marriages too quickly because, again, they don't have to worry about throwing away a ton of money if the marriage doesn't work out.  Most stars' engagement rings cost more than I will make in my lifetime.  I'm guessing.

I have no idea how I chose this for a blog subject.  I just thought it was weird when I saw people posting on facebook- in shock!- that ScarJo and RyRen were getting divorced.  Really?  And is it sad that I, and I'm sure loads of others, predicted it would happen?


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Oh, I knew that one wouldn't last. And I agree-he's not an action hero and she's just not appealing! So glad someone else see's it that way!!

I do get annoyed with all the celebrity marriages that fall apart and I'm not really sure why it bugs me. I guess because they often have some dumb statement like "we grew apart" or "we're just friends now" and I want to say well, if you weren't out partying and being in the tabloids maybe you could have worked it out. Plus, I think for a lot of people (celebrites or not) it's just the posh cool thing to do to get married and then break it off a year later.

I guess really I get annoyed that we even care so much about celebrites and their lives.

Margaret said...

What irritates me most about this subject concerns gay marriage. Opponents tout that gay marriage will "desanctify" the act, and yet have no problem with the fact that Larry King filed for his eighth divorce.

Donna Weaver said...

Good observations you list. I think a lot of it is ego, too. Especially when there's so much fame involved. The whole fangirl/fanboy/groupie thing can really mess with a celeb's head. The worst thing they can do is to start believing their own press.


And having TWO celebs in a relationship?

Julie H said...

Sarah, don't get me started on the "statements." Gag. They are even worse when celebrities talk about being in love and/or having children, as if they are the first people to ever do either of these things. Right on, Margaret. Obviously the people opposing gay marriage are moronic to begin with. They probably thought ScarJo and RyRen would be together forever. Donna, totally about the ego. And how anyone could watch their spouse make out with another person and act like it's no big deal is beyond me.