Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Hodgepodge

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, and only a tiny part of me deflated when Romy got so excited about it (the part that wants her to be just as excited about Hanukkah).  But I realized that, since we are raising her Jewish, and we celebrate all Jewish holidays locally with my family, that Judaism isn't competing with Christmas.  Instead, Christmas is a fun, food-filled, Southern family-visiting, bright lights holiday that we celebrate.  And Romy loves the tree!  How could she not?  We have a most excellent collection of pop culture ornaments.  I was going to reference a blog post that I swore I published last year about all of our ornaments, but it turned out the post was from THREE years ago!  And poopily, the pictures don't show up anymore (something to do with the blog having to move).  I took a few new pictures of some of the faves:

We bought this at the German Christmas market they have in Chicago every year.  It's a shiny cowboy.
We call this one "The Maestro."  I don't think you can see his wicked, scary legs very well.
The Bumble tops our tree every year.
We have a lovely section of Futurama ornaments.  They are constantly losing limbs.  This year, Romy popped off one of Bender's arms.
I purchased this box back in my QVC-watching days.  Inside are the breakable, collectible ornaments that have no boxes.  We didn't put these out this year because Romy is still very playful with everything on the tree.
This picture is hilarious.  That's Xander and Giles from Buffy in a stare-off.
Please comment if my pictures take forever to load.  I haven't been shrinking them at all in size, so I know they are huge files.  But if it makes it slow, I'd like to know and I will stop being lazy.

In completely unrelated news, please look at this website of awkward pregnancy photos. Damn, it's funny.  I guess it's sort of related, what with the TRASHY holiday cards.  Thanks to Claire Zulkey for sharing.

Oh, and I bought the boots :)


Kimber said...

Ohmygoodness! I so heart the Xander and Giles ornaments. I am such a huge Buffy fan. So much so, that I named my son Xander.:)

Katie W. said...

I love it, but the first two ornaments scare me. I wouldn't want to run into either of those guys in a dark alley.

Natalie Whipple said...

Yay! The boots!

Also, dude, the ornaments are awesome.

Julie Hedlund said...

OMG how much do I love that abominable snowman? And right by the star/snowflake too. That might be one of the coolest Christmas tree decorations I've every seen!

Julie H said...

Kimber, I tried to convince my husband we should name our daughter Buffy. We'll see how I do if we have another. Katie, that would be terrifying. Natalie, I'll let you know how the boots turn out. I seem to use Zappos' free returns all too frequently. Julie, I like to think of him as the King Kong of our tree. And it makes me laugh :)