Thursday, December 02, 2010

If Only

The great Rachel Cohn posted a link to this on facebook today:
Michael Cera joins real life indie band
It's an article from The Guardian about how Michael Cera will be the bass player in some new indie super group while they tour.  Stuff like that used to get me really bunged up, like, of course he gets to join a band!  He's FAMOUS.  The band will get mega attention because of  him!  That doesn't make him a musician or anything.  Nowadays, being an old lady of thirty-five, I don't feel quite as worked up.  But it does make me think about if I had any sort of level of fame, such as Michael Cera, let's say, what would I use my fame for?  And what does Michael Cera-level fame get you?  Obviously, it gets you into a cool band.  But could it, say, get you to the front of the lines at Disney World?  Bumped to first class when you fly?  Or do you have enough money as Michael Cera to always fly first class?  Would people give you free food?  Free clothes?  I always loved the idea of being courted by designers during awards season.  Being courted by anyone with free stuff sounds nice.  Anyone reading my blog have Michael Cera-level fame?  Is Michael Cera reading this?  If so, hello.  I hope you have wonderful success in your "band."  Am I sounding bitter?  I don't mean to be.  I'm, as always, lacking sleep and bordering on, but not close enough to taste it, finishing the revision to The Sequel.  You think if I were as famous as Michael Cera, someone would just finish The Sequel for me?  And I could say that I was a real author because, you know, I'm famous?  Only time and money will tell.

P.S. (added later in the day)
I hope it didn't sound like I was knocking Michael Cera.  It's not him that I'm kvetching about, more the whole deal where famous people get so many perks that us regular folk could only dream about.  It probably doesn't feel like that to Michael Cera.  Or maybe it does.  What do I know from Michael Cera?  Rockin' author Yvonne Prinz and I are starting our own band, and we can perform whenever we want at her record store, Amoeba.  Too bad I don't really play any instruments very well.  Or live in California.  Foiled again!


Nolan said...

Hmmm, Michael Cera should reconsider his fame. Usual indie bands don't like to be famous. It's contradictory to what they do. Indie bands, such as Neutral Milk Hotel, refuse to do interviews or refuse to accept contracts from famous record labels. They believe that music shouldn't be bought; that it should be enjoyed by everyone for free.

Julie H said...

VERY good points, Nolan. Maybe the band dudes are getting so old that they are wanting the young blood to attract a younger audience? I don't actually know any of the bands except Modest Mouse. I stopped being cool about music approximately five years ago. It's sad, really. In the old days, I had a fake ID just to see bands. Not that this has anything to do with Michael Cera.

Nolan said...

I've never heard of Modest Mouse. But I knew about the other band the article mentioned; Man Man.

A fan said...

All the perks the famous folks get at award shows, those fabulous gifts, thats when I start wishing I were famous. Oh and yes, the flying first class gig! But then again, if you're famous, could you really enjoy being in a public place like Disney World, probably not.