Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah! It's very early this year, but I think in our family that is a good thing because it gives us an opportunity to introduce Hanukkah to Romy separately from Christmas, so she gets a feeling for how both holidays work. Even though this will technically be Romy's third Hanukkah and Christmas, it will be the first where she is completely communicative and aware of everything. And, dang, is she communicative. She recites passages from books, counts to twelve, sings the alphabet, and speaks in nine word sentences. And she just turned two! She's a smart cookie. Speaking of cookies, I'm going to try and fit in whipping up a batch of sugar cookie dough this morning, so we can make some Hanukkah cookies tonight. Enough of the Hanukkah Mom talk.

Why did only one person comment on the quotes in books post? I really thought people would have stuff to say about it. I am thinking that means no one actually cares about the quotes at the beginning of books. Is that what I should conclude? If I were writing a dissertation on the subject, would that be my final observation?

I guess I'll get back to reading my manuscript for changes. I'm over halfway there. That means all I have to do is finish this step, type in the changes, and it's off to my editor. And then what? What's next? Do I give myself a break and finally play my Harry Potter game? Do I jump into the idea I have? Do I jump into the other idea I have? I think I might wait. It is December, after all. This is a month, at least when you work in schools, where nothing real gets done, and every day is a book fair or classroom party. But I'm not in a school this year. Maybe I'll just pretend. Okay, everybody, I'm bringing the Hanukkah cookies for tomorrow's class party! W00t!

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