Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As a librarian, I don't get quite as many return visitors as a classroom teacher does.  But what I do get is watching my very specific kids, who started out unique and quirky in middle school, turn into amazingly cool individuals as they grow up.  This afternoon I'm being interviewed by an old student for her Senior Project, which happens to be all about zines.  For those who don't know what zines are, they are independently produced magazines about whatever you want.  I published one ten years ago (seven issues worth) with my friend Liz called "cul-de-sac," all about growing up in the Chicago suburbs, and my novel Get Well Soon began as a zine.  If you ever see me talk about writing, I will say something about how writing zines and getting feedback from readers inspired me to try writing novels.  It's also how I met my husband (read that story here), and I have used it in classrooms (read how to do so here) which is how my student (the interviewer) discovered them in the first place.  Oh, the circle of life.

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