Monday, May 16, 2011

Rochester Teen Book Festival Recap Part 1

My goal for this week is to blog about all of the awesomess that was my weekend at the TBF.  However, sometimes when I make those promises, it's because I'm writing hilarious blog posts in my head.  And then when it comes down to remembering things in an interesting or funny way, it doesn't happen.  So we'll see.  Plus, I'm crazy tired from our flight being delayed three hours (was that all?) and not getting in last night until 11:30, all the while entertaining a two and a half year old who did not sleep until the car ride home from the airport. Funny thing about that two year old: I think most of the authors at TBF will remember her more than me.  That's okay.  When I see them in the future, I can be all, "Remember me?  I'm the one with the cute daughter who everyone loved?"  And they'll be like, "When's her next book coming out?"

I want to include tons of pictures, which I have, except that the pictures I have are mostly of my family at museums that had nothing to do with the Fest.  I was sort of embarrassed to bring out my huge camera and take pictures of the other authors.  I feel like I should invest in a smaller camera just for things like this, where it feels uncool to be so touristy. 

This post is far too scatterbrained because I have been writing it at random intervals throughout the day.  I was SO tired, and Romy was SO tired, and then I tried to take a nap except my heartburn and reflux woke me up five times!  I am such an old lady!  I promise that the rest of the Fest posts this week will be more coherent.  And there will be pictures.  Anticipate an exciting one of my name on the screen of a Centipede game.  Can you handle the wait?

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