Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rochester TBF Part II

I'm up early today, 6 a.m., thanks to a solid night of Lunesta sleep.  I'm almost out of my sample supply, so I guess I'll have to call the doctor and beg for a prescription.  I only take it after it's been days and weeks of no good sleep.  I'd hate to form a habit to anything (not including my candy addiction, of course).  As promised, here is more of my TBF recap.  Today will include pictures, although not of authors.  Sorry again for that.  Maybe someone will email me pictures they took, and I can include them.

I think I will tell the tale in chronological order, so here is my first day of the trip.  We flew into Buffalo, since it was so much cheaper than Rochester.  I was amused that the Buffalo airport had so many buffalo statuettes and stuffed animals, since I am from a town called Buffalo Grove.  Did you know Buffalo never once had an actual buffalo roaming its lands?  You do now!  On to North Tonowanda for the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum,
a delightful little place where you can ride wooden horses over one hundred years old.  They also have an exhibit of these:

Definitely worth the stop.  Our lunch was at a seaside shanty (maybe it wasn't a shanty, but I can embellish) called Mississippi Mudds, where we dined on veggie burgers and stinky chicken nuggets.  I tried frozen custard for the first time, which is funny because it's actually a big Wisconsin thing, too.  It was gross.  Why must everyone mess with the perfection that is ice cream?

An hour and a half later we were in Rochester at our TBF-provided hotel.  Just down the road we found this:

WTF, right?  This picture doesn't do its creepiness justice.  The building was never open the multiple times we went back, but through careful hounding of all locals, apparently it is indeed an actually haunted building.  They do it up all scary for Halloween, and a waitress claimed Ghost Hunters the show filmed there.  No, not my boys at Ghost Adventures, but still.  The waitress also said her sister used to nanny for the owners, and they were weird.  She was a shitty storyteller, this waitress, and not a very good waitress, either.  15%, not 20%.

I don't think people like to read super long blog posts, so I'll stop for today.  Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the Strong Museum of Play and our big dinner with all of the authors and wranglers of the TBF.  Thursday, it's Fest day.  And then maybe that's the last of the TBF posts.  Or I'll do one more and tell you about how I was so overtired on a couch next to Jon Skovron and Ally Carter that I started tearing up for a minute of deliriousness.  Good times.

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