Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Word

I hate being asked to describe anything in one word.  At the Rochester Teen Book Festival, when all of the authors were on stage together, we were asked a couple times to answer in just one word.  And of course I was last, and someone else already always took my word. 

This video of members of the Harry Potter cast answering how they would sum up their experience with Harry Potter in one word is so super sweet and proves that answering things in one word is unnecessarily stressful and does not define anything as well as you would like it to.  Especially for my boy, Rupert.  He came through in the end, unlike some of the other answerers (um, "good?"  Really?  How many people would kill to be in your shoes???).  Here's the video:

And this is more than one word, but here's an article with me and three other YA authors in today's Chicago Tribune.  It's funny how a thirty minute interview can turn into a tiny paragraph.  Can you tell I cleaned my house in the picture?  No.  Does my tablecloth make it look like I'm in a Mexican restaurant?  Possibly.

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Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

RIGHT? an author describing something in one word? Implosible...