Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Notice how my titles for the Rochester Teen Book Festival posts keep getting shorter?  No?  Well, they do.  I am actually writing this post one minute after I posted yesterday's post because I am trying to get an A in uses time wisely.  I don't know who is grading me, though.

On to Friday, when everyone was a little too tired from our first night of hotel sleep.  After a decent buffet breakfast (where I accidentally scratched Romy on the cheek with a spoon whilst trying to catch her when she tripped, giving her a puffy red mark on her face for the rest of the vacation), we headed to one of the most amazing museums I've ever been to: The Strong Museum of Play.  I am certain I would have loved this museum even if I did not have a kid, but the fact that she had so much fun and even after three and a half hours pretty much refused to leave made it very special.  They had an actual Sesame Street, and you could sit in a taxi with Cookie Monster and Elmo and pretend to sell tacos at a bodega and a full grocery store and an old room with old toys that kids ate up.  Here's me having tea:

Upstairs is the National Toy Hall of Fame, as well as a kickass collection of old video games that you can play for one token.  And get this: one dollar = six tokens!!!  I wowed [no one but myself] on Centipede, which was always my game (children of the 80s each had a game, you see).  Check it out:

See those THREE JULs?  All me, baby.  I don't have a middle name, so as a kid whenever I placed on the board, I used JUL.  I am seriously thinking of calling the museum and asking if the letters are still there.  Yeah, I may need to do that today.  [Author note: I did call them, but no one answered.]

After the three of us took a nap in the (parked) rental car, it was time for dinner with the entire TBF crew at Artisanworks, a funky building filled with funky things and funky people.  Or maybe that was just me because I switched deodorants (bum dum bum!).  It was dark, and the tables were a little tight, so I didn't meet many authors that night (although I got in a hello in the hotel lobby to one of my panel-mates, Melissa Kantor, chatted with old author bud, Elizabeth Scott, and Matt and I had a delightful chat with Charles Benoit and his wife after dinner), but everyone who wanted to went on an amazing tour of the premises.  It was fun and pretty stress-free for those of us wondering if we'd have to be showy in front of a bunch of people we didn't know.  Everyone from the TBF was so warm and welcoming, and they even provided a bag of things for Romy to play with at the table.  An absolutely lovely evening.  Tomorrow-- the Festival!


carey farrell said...

the strong museum is awesome! between all the old toys and the sesame street exhibit, i'm amazed i left it voluntarily after my visit there.

Julie H said...

I want to go back! Do you live near there? Check on the Centipede machine for me, will you?

carey farrell said...

i'm actually in chicago, but my husband grew up in rochester. i'll check on the centipede machine next time we're there. :)

Julie H said...

It sounds like I'm gathering a bunch of Centipede spies. Good!