Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dice and Danzig and Rupert, Oh My!

I had a weird dream where I was at an American Library Association conference, and all of the librarians were in formal wear and were SUPER mean to me.  There was a lot of snubbing and swearing involved.  What's that about?  Is it because I quit my librarian job (for now, while I'm home with my daughter)?  I'm still a librarian, yo!

Here are some things I enjoyed online this week:

Thanks to blog reader Jenny for sharing this with me:

The funny part about it is you don't really roll D6s very often in D&D, unless that's how much damage your weapon does.  Still, most excellent.

This What's That in Danzigs? converter had me laughing for way too long.  Glenn Danzig has made me laugh since high school.  He's also made me a little scared.

Lastly, check out this adorable Rupert Grint milk ad picture.  Aw, sweet Rupert.  Do you think he really likes to drink milk?  I think he might.  Thanks to for the image (it's all over the Rupe sites).

Today I'm having lunch with a couple author friends, and Betty White will be signing her book at a nearby bookstore.  I wonder how looooong the line will be.  I kind of want to meet her.  I mean, I really want to meet her, but possibly not in this context.  We shall see.  Have a good weekend!

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