Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What to Watch Part III, and Other Scary Stuff

As excited as I am about watching a TV show with Romy when the time comes, I'm kind of tired of blogging about it.  Today I'll put up the poll on the right side of the blog, and feel free to give suggestions until her birthday (November 1) if you think of something new.  Without saying much more, my other options are Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street (new or old?), and an episode of The Monkees.  Decisions, decisions.

In other news, I am wacky busy with book stuff.  My editor just sent me the final pages for my next novel, DON'T STOP NOW.  They're not final final because I can change things if needed (and I will), but I'm pretty sure they're the pages that are going into the galleys when they come out.  I have to read through it and see where I want to touch it up.  I am nervous, of course, because it's always weird to go back and read something you haven't sat with in a while.  Plus, it's reading my own book.  Like how actors can't watch themselves in movies (kind of, except I'd argue that writers have a lot more of themselves to lose when they write, as opposed to actors who are interpreting someone else's words while not acting at all like themselves.  Do you agree?).  While doing that, I am also still typing THE SEQUEL furiously into my laptop.  I'm on page 147 out of 397.  Not bad, but so much more to go.  And the more I type, the more my fingers stiffen.  Which means the suckier my typing gets, the more red squiggly lines I see, and the more frustrated I feel.  You should see this blog post as I type it.  Sick.  It's starting to make me a little crazy.  And my lack of sleep doesn't help matters.  I don't know what happened.  I was doing so much better.  Last night I watched the first episode of "Dead Set," a crazy British show that's supposed to be like Big Brother, but then all of these zombies attack.  It was really good.  And apparently scary, since I had many a bad dream.  Zombies do scare me.  Which is why I can't stay away from them.  So, in the spirit of Halloween, what scares you?


hellskitchen said...

Giant insects in movies scare me, going all the way back to THEM. Couldn't watch ARACHNAPHOBIA, even though it's a comedy. Nor THE FLY, version 1 or 2.
On a whole other track: I seriously impressed friends during an episode of JEOPARDY a while ago thanks to DON'T STOP NOW. The category was U.S States and the answer was the Corn Palace. I yelled out "South Dakota" and was given lots of congrats by my surprised dinner guests.
Anne, the c/e

Julie H said...

Anne, I can get the insect thing. I don't think I could handle a movie about earwigs. And right on for the trivia help! I like to think I am full of useless knowledge.