Friday, October 01, 2010


I wanted to blog yesterday, but I didn't sleep at all the night before and then Romy didn't nap well.  It's all about sleep, and we're not getting any here.  I still haven't started on the meds the sleep doctor gave me because I wanted to read more about them.  Now that I have, of course I'm afraid to take them.  The cycle of sleeplessness never ends.  Today, Matt woke up really early to head out to his first ever solo school visit!  We did one together years ago for "Toby and the Snowflakes," but that didn't totally count because it was at the school where I worked.  He's going to do great today, I know it!  And then hopefully he'll have conquered his phobia and do a million more school visits.  Because of the early wake up, but more probably because Romy can sense my every location at every moment, she woke up hella early.  She's awake as I type this.  But mama needs her time!  I get no time!  I need a little bit, for sanity's sake!

This is sounding like a crazy mom blog.

Today is the last day of the farmer's market in my town.  So sad.  So officially the end of summer.  Not that I covet summer.  I'm a winter baby.  But there's always something a tad bit sad about it.  It's definitely different not being at school or on a school schedule.  Maybe even a little more sad.

So let's talk happy!  I tested typing the first page of the GET WELL SOON sequel this morning.  It took me about six minutes (maybe five, but my mind wandered, and I couldn't get comfortable).  I multiplied that by the 397 pages I wrote and divided it by sixty (minutes).  It came to almost forty.  That's forty hours it will take me to type the beast up.  I thought it might make me feel better to know, but it kind of doesn't.  Even if I get to type for one hour a day (which is, seriously, seeming like a pipe dream right now) that's forty days!  And then I have to revise it again!  I guess I thought I'd be finished sooner.  But how?  I guess that wasn't so happy.  How about: Thanks to everyone who attended Adam Selzer and my Banned Books Week event at The Book Cellar on Wednesday night!  The crowd was a little rough.  I mean, not like biker chick rough, but they didn't seem to be in laughy moods.  I like my audiences laughy.  So does Adam, I'm guessing.  But it was a lovely night, and I finally got to visit The Book Cellar, which was awesome.  I'm hoping to be back there someday for more events.  And it was just down the street from my old martial arts studio!  I wanted to stop by and visit, give a little bow, but I thought they might kick my ass for quitting every time I was up for my yellow belt test.  I didn't want to spar!!!

Romy is doing her "Pick-er-up-a-momma" chant, so I gots ta go.


Brian James said...

School visits make me nervous because children pay so much attention to everything you say. But question time is always a blast.

I sympathize with the sleep thing, I've never had a problem falling asleep and it's one of the things I fear most...that and hiccups that never end.

Julie H said...

I can't imagine being a person who has no sleep issues. My life would be very different. I probably would not have just eaten that giant cookie, for example.

You know, if you're ever pregnant, your baby might have the hiccups WHILE you are trying to sleep. Fear that.