Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to Watch Part II

As much as I appreciate all of the suggestions for Romy's first TV show (and I will take them all into consideration when she starts viewing TV on a regular basis), I guess what I was going for was her FIRST SHOW.  That's a huge deal!  And I get to choose!  Didn't you guys with kids feel that way?  And those of you without kids, wouldn't you love to decide the first television show that someone gets to watch?  I feel like it's a right of passage, a special occasion, a huge, honkin' deal.  I don't want it to just be some random show that she's going to get to see every day, I want it to be something unique and special to both her and me.  And Matt, of course.  But he doesn't seem as gung ho about this as I am.  So, now that you know I'm not looking for just your average kids' show, what would be YOUR first, really special TV show if you could choose one?  Like a last meal.  But a instead of a meal, it's a feast for your EYES.  And it's your FIRST, not last.  Got it?

Now that you get where I'm going, here are some more choices.  I am a huge Disney fan, and I particularly love some of the old shorts.  They were clever, brilliantly animated, and really unique.  Below are some of my complete faves (and I can't believe they're on YouTube!  That seems naughty.):

This first one is probably my all time favorite Disney short.  Those turd-shaped guinea pigs get me to laugh every time.

I think Romy will really dig this.  She loves music and pretending to play different instruments.  And I remember watching this at school.

This is soooooo cool.  Noah's Ark made out of found objects.  A tad long, but gorgeous.

I'm sure she'll like anything we show her.  Just this morning I turned on the news for a minute to see what was going on with this horrible storm Chicagoland is having, and there was a still picture of a rat on the screen.  Just a photo while they reported about the worst rat-infested neighborhoods (hilariously, some of the nicer Chicago 'hoods).  Romy could not get enough of it.  She was like, "He's looking at me!"  This is going to be AWESOME.


Brian James said...

Ah-ha...that's a horse of a different color. Good luck choosing.

Natalie Whipple said...

I gotta admit I didn't know my kids weren't supposed to watch TV until age 2...so, yeah. I'm a bad mom.

I never really thought about it. Dino boy is almost five, and I can't remember what he watched first as far as TV.

I do know that his first movies were all Miyazaki films though—Totoro, Castle In The Sky, etc. With Ninja Girl, it was definitely Kiki's Delivery Service (she was Kiki last year for Halloween).

Whatever it is, make sure you like it too, because there is a high chance you will be watching it a lot...

A fan said...

I think it's amazing that you are taking such care with this choice. I'm not sure many of us "older" moms were as thoughtful with the decision. You are creating a lifelong memory, one you will cherish because you took such care with the decision. You will make the perfect choice for your family. Bravo Julie.
My favorite Muppet clip: Kermit singing "It's not easy being green". A calming song with a great lesson.
BTW I love the book I won. Children in my hallway at work have enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks!

Julie H said...

Brian, were we separated at birth? Natalie, it will be another huge deal when it comes time for full movies! Fan, I'm glad you like the book! And I do love that Muppet clip, too. So many choices!

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity have you seen/ are you going to see It's Kind of a Funny Story?

Julie H said...

Anonymous- I keep meaning to post about your comment. I'll try to remember to do so tomorrow (Friday)!