Saturday, October 30, 2010

Love Me Some Google Translator

I do love that there is an option in google to Translate a page.  I recently showed you how Into the Wild Nerd Yonder has gone to Finland.  Now the Finnish links are beginning to pop up.  I don't know if the google translator is a little off, or if the Finnish are just kooky that way, because here is a review of Nerd, translated (click to see it larger):

I particularly like,"Jessie feels lonely, and in light of her life will bring a wonderful big brother Barrett and the punk son of Van, where Jessie has long been fond of."  And love even more the section that explains, "The best part is ...  Humorous and descriptive narrative, the book does not have the patience to count hands! :)  The characters were diverse and they would be tempted to explore the real life:)"  Does not have the patience to count hands!  I am totally going to start using that.  To mean what, I don't know.  How would you translate that phrase?  And what about "they would be tempted to explore the real life?"  Man, I love this.  The last line is priceless, how one of the places the book can be read best is at a summer cottage!  Maybe the book will do so well over, I can visit and buy myself a Finnish summer cottage!  Yeah.


Natalie Whipple said...

Hehe, that's awesome. You know, Finnish is one of the most difficult languages in the world, so I'm pretty impressed the Google translated managed that well:) In the linguistics dept, we always kind of worshiped Finnish speakers.

Julie H said...

Natalie, your comment got me to read a little more about Finland. I was surprised about the language! I just assumed it was another Scandinavian language, but the article (um, Wikipedia) said it was closer to Estonian. The book is full of double letters. I think this makes the translation even cooler!