Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Back! And in Finnish!

I'm back!  But it's a holiday, isn't it?  So maybe you are away from your computers and not reading my blog.  This is a good one, though, so read up.  I just returned from a fabulous, laughter-filled, sleep-deprived trip to Disney World with Matt and Romy.  Romy met twelve thousand characters, and every moment is captured on film.  She also very much enjoyed watching some manatees in rehabilitation and will tell you their names are Lou and Jasper because that's what their handler said.  Lou and Jasper.  Love that.

When I arrived home, there were twenty million boxes and packages at my house.  Apparently, Romy's grandmas on her dad's side were itching to get her birthday gifts off her Amazon wishlist ASAP, even though her birthday isn't until November.  So there were those.  And then there was an envelope that contained THIS:

A Finnish version of INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER!!!  From Finland!!!  I had no idea my book had been translated.  Do other authors know when their books are being translated?  It was such an awesome surprise.  The book is slightly smaller than the original, with no dust jacket.  From what I can gather from the wacky google translator, the book is being published under some sort of girly series called Sister Disco (yes!!!!).  So cool.  So so so cool!  Here's the spine (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger):

So Scandinavian.  And here's the back:

The first page:

And check out the acknowledgments:

All of the names have been Finn-ified!  I hope this is the first of many translations of my books.  Because I love this one so much, I keep it right next to my bed in case I want to look at it in the middle of the night.


Brian James said...

Welcome back, the Interweb missed you as I'm sure you are currently missing 12,000 Disney characters (Stitch most of all, I'm sure).

I'm typically informed with translation rights are sold. Getting copies of them is a hassle depending on the publisher. I'm still waiting for my Japanese and Chinese editions of Pirate School.

Katie W. said...

I have to say that when I quickly read the title to this blog post, I thought it said "I'm Black! And I'm Finnish!" And I thought to myself that this was a blog post I just had to read.

Julie H said...

Brian, I never saw Lilo and Stitch, but he is frightening. What's his deal? And why did no one tell me about my translation rights? Do I get money for that? How many countries have you been published in? So ends the question segment of my comment.

Katie, I hope the blog didn't disappoint. I'm still white and American, alas.

Brian James said...

Lilo & Stitch is fantastic. I love Stitch. Last time I was in Disney World, I searched that place back and forth to find a Stitch hat (and I got it).

Not sure why you weren't told. They've been great about telling me and getting copies. You do get money, but if you still have any unearned, it simply goes toward that. If you don't have any unearned, the money will be incorporated into your royalty checks and you can see it on your statements.

My various books have been translated into 10 different langues: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Dannish, Japanese, and Chinese.

Eytan said...

Very Very Very Cool. Congrats...your old buddy...Eytan

hellskitchen said...

Sister Disco! I wish she were one of the nuns that had taught me in high school.

Welcome back!

Julie H said...

Thanks, Eytan! Every time I eat gelato at NBK, I think of you. And hellskitchen-- I know! Sister Disco!!!