Friday, October 22, 2010

I Don't Feel Glee

For a while now, Matt and I have been waffling about whether or not we want to watch Glee anymore (was that the correct use of waffling?  I'm really hungry.  I waffle sounds soooooo good right now).  At first, I LOVED it.  After episode number one, I downloaded "Don't Stop Believin'" and listened to it twenty billion times.  I never do that.  Or haven't since eighth grade.  When we didn't have downloads.  So it was probably like I rewound my Glass Tiger cassette over and over again to hear "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone".  What a pain in the ass that was.  Although, it probably taught me a lot more patience than the "get it now" attitude of people today.

Enough of my old lady lesson.

About half way through the first season of Glee, except for maybe the relationships between Kurt and his dad and Rachel and her mom (I particularly loved when those two sang together), I felt like the show had no real emotional resonance.  I talked about this with my friend, Joyce, and she said the show wasn't supposed to be realistic.  The problem with that, for me, is that they keep throwing in plotlines that are supposed to be emotional (Kurt and his sick dad, teen pregnancy), and it doesn't work to make those cartoonish.  I can't go back and forth between the lame, reaching "theme" of each week's assignment to someone almost dying.  It doesn't work.  The songs aren't very interesting to me anymore, and how many times can everyone turn against Rachel?  How many times can Sue Sylvester like, then hate, then like Mr. Schuster?  Yawn.

Here is what helped make my decision:

The spread (a perfect name, considering the positions these women are in) is extremely trashy.  Who the hell are they kidding with "Gentlemen's Quarterly?"  Is this magazine only out four times a year?  And every cover is just a step away from Playboy.  Not very gentlemanly in my book.  The issue here is that Glee is a show about people with talent.  Lea Michelle has an incredible voice, and Dianna Agron, the blond, is decent, too.  She is now saying that she is sorry about the photo shoot.  Too late, dear.  Because the magazine is out there.  Young women need to respect themselves more than this.  What you're showing them is that even though you have the gifts of singing and acting (TBD), you still have to pander to the pervs.  Who are disguising themselves as gentlemen.

I'm over it.  My DVR is full enough with shows I know I want to watch, and my time is worth more than a waffle.  If you'll excuse me, I'm going to have some breakfast.


jpetroroy said...

I stopped watching two episodes before the end of last season when I realized that I didn't like each and every one of the characters. They're just not good people and I couldn't force myself to care about them

Hannah said...

I also find that the show leans pretty heavily on stereotypes, despite its claims to the contrary. For instance, in the "religious" episode, they had Rachel the Jewish Girl sing a selection from Yentl, and of *course* Mercedes goes to church and belongs to a gospel choir. It felt cheap to me.

Julie H said...

Such good points! I feel like we should take them on the road and have a debate!

Ronni said...

I've never been into Glee. I just didn't get the love everyone else had for it. Something about it doesn't really work for me. I do like the Sue Sylvester parts, but not enough to watch the show regularly.

KT said...

Yeah, Glee's been a tough one for me too. I watched it from the beginning and loved it. just started, dissolving. Nothing made sense. There was no point to a lot of the paths the show took. And hardly any of the characters, I thought, stayed true to their character. Freaking annoying. BUT I am still watching (1st season was much better than the current). I wish the GQ thing hadn't happened either, but I'm willing to give Glee this season to get me hooked again :)

And I just found your blog! A few weeks ago I won Natalie Whipple's contest and I received the Get Well Soon audiobook in the mail a few days ago. I'm LOVING it! Thank you so much!

Julie H said...

Ronni, I like Sue, too. But she never makes sense anymore. And welcome to the blog, KT! I'm glad you like the audiobook!