Monday, January 02, 2012

Errand Girl

Is everyone else's house a disgusting cesspool of disease lately? Romy goes from one cold to another, and I'm on antibiotics again. I'm thinking of erecting a giant, pink tent around the house and not coming out until the end of winter. Which is frightening, considering in Chicago winter pretty much started only yesterday (and I'm terrified that means it will still be snowing in June). Sick means driving half an hour to get some decent chicken soup and watching hour after hour of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Today, my mom is coming over while Matt and I complete a terribly long list of the most boring tasks one could think of. Here is a sampling:
  • Call Waste Management for a larger recycling bin
  • Vacuum upstairs [because I'm too lazy to vacuum my entire house at once. Mind you, the house is only 1500 square feet]
  • Buy a calendar [this remains my favorite item on the list]
Oh, there's plenty more, but I see all of you clicking over to more stories about Katie Perry and Russel Brand (I am SO SICK of celebs and their divorces. Read my post here from a year ago about my theory on celebrity divorces). The glamorous life of an author. Speaking of being an author, if you do not but would like to own any of my books they are all available on the super cheap at Amazon right now. But hopefully you received gift certificates for your favorite local indie store, so you can just buy them there. Me? I have to truck out for books the same way I have to truck out for matzoh balls. Sad, but true. Maybe someday Matt and I will be famous and rich authors who can open an awesome children's bookstore near our house. I think I'll add that to my errand list:
  • Get rich.
  • Get famous.
  • Open awesome children's bookstore. One that sells matzoh ball soup.

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