Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Jube Jel Post

I don't know how many years I've posted about Brach's Jube Jel Hearts. I am obsessed. They have a delightful, smooth texture, and the sweetest, most perfect cherry flavor. I am not alone in my obsession. Every year stores have them for Valentine's Day, and every year they disappear well before the holiday. I do believe they are my absolute favorite holiday specific candy. And there are many. Let's take a look at some of my faves (per holiday):

V-Day - Duh, Jube Jels, but I also love the V-Day (how lazy am I???) candy corn. And conversation hearts. They're like Tums! But instead of being good for your stomach, they expand your MIND.

St. Patrick's Day - Is there St. Patrick's Day candy? I'm just trying to go through the calendar. Maybe I should also have included Presidents' Day. I think all holidays should have their specific candies. At least a presidential gummy head or something.

Purim - Um, not a candy, but I cannot handle the deliciousness of hamantaschen.

Passover - Also not a candy, but once I eat a crappy Manischewitz macaroon, I cannot stop.

Easter - I'll always remember when I lived in Australia how they went INSANE around Easter with their candy. And we think Americans are weird. For Easter, I like the candy corns (yeah, I like them for all seasons, although not quite as much for Christmas), malted eggs, and the rainbow gum eggs. If I had more time right now, I would be much more specific with titles and fancy pictures, but I am late on the post as it is. Mickey Mouse can only hold my kid for so long. Oh, and I also love a tiny carton of pretty foil-covered chocolate eggs.

Fourth of July - Corn.

Halloween - Is that the next holiday? I am tired. I ate too many Jube Jels, and I am fully crashing right now. I might need to eat some more just to have enough energy to complete this post. I am all about the candy corn and little pumpkins at Halloween. I don't know how much Halloween counts in this because little versions of regular candy doesn't scream "holiday specific" to me.

Thanksgiving - Not a candy, but I love the explosion of pumpkin-flavored ice cream everywhere.

Hanukkah - Gelt. Is there anything else? Oh the guilt from eating gelt! Yeah, I'm sure I'm the first Jew to make that joke.

Christmas - I think Christmas candy is lacking. Adding white to a candy mix, particularly with salt water taffies, grosses me out. And it's a little weird eating Santa. Maybe I'm just all Christmas-ed out. We still need to take the tree down, and Romy won't stop playing with her Rudolph toys. Enough already!

What are some of your holiday-specific candy faves?


Ronni said...

Chocolate. I love chocolate. Especially Reese's Peanut Butter cups but not really cups, but trees or eggs or pumpkins!

I also love Nestle Crunch bells. And SOMETIMES I like the M&Ms that are funny flavors like cherry or mint (but NOT the cinnamon ones).

I just ate my last piece of gelt. There is "fake" gelt out there, watch out for it. It's no where near as good as the real stuff. Do they sell it year round anywhere?

Ronni said...

So, does your family celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays?

Julie H said...

Ronni, first, I love that picture of you. And I know what you mean about the fake gelt! So you tried the cinnamon M&Ms? they had tons at Target on sale. I thought they were regular ones. I was tempted. Too gross? And we celebrate all the Jewish holidays plus Christmas.

Ronni said...

The cinnamon ones are.... hard to get down. Not a fan!! On sale, it's worth a try. You might like them. But never pay full price for them.

Also, thank you! :D

Julie H said...

Ooh, you're not selling them, Ronni. "Hard to get down." Ha!