Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Bigger

I was about to blog about my awesome Skype experience this morning, but the first thing I saw when I opened the internet and my email was this delightful message subject: COCKZILLA is the word. That is so freakin' hysterical! Thank you, spammer, you light up my life.

Moving on...

I just had such a great Skype visit! A lot of the students had read my book (Get Well Soon), an important piece of any successful author visit, and they were so cheerful and had great questions. *Gush* My face kind of hurts from all the smiling! I hope to do many more Skype visits like this one. I love in person visits, too, but the Skype ones are so funny and laid back and always filled with technical difficulties that make me laugh. And my cat can't jump on my lap during a school visit! Such fun. Seriously, schools, I'd love to chat up your students. Skype me. I hope the whole "Cockzilla" thing doesn't deter you. I didn't make it up. Sadly.

It's a snowy day, and I scheduled a massage for later. I have had three in my life, I believe, so I'm always a little nervous. But my back and shoulders are out of whack, and I have some nice gift cards to use at a spa, so what the heck. I'm going for the hot stone massage. They won't actually burn me, will they? Oh, Cockzilla. That has nothing to do with a massage, and yet it ties the blog together so beautifully.


The Erratic Blogger said...

Spam subject lines are always a great source of entertainment. I haven't received information about Cockzilla, though. I might be tempted enough to open that email to see what that had to offer.

Glad you had a good skype!

Julie H said...

Even reading "Cockzilla" in the comments made me laugh! I used to collect hilarious spam blogger names, too. I didn't open the email. I have a PC, and I'm too scared that Cockzilla will attack!