Sunday, January 01, 2012


Happy new year! Or New Year! Whichever you prefer. I am not a person who makes resolutions, as I'm sure many of you out there are not, mostly because I am already a doer. However, I thought I might try a resolution this year that won't make me feel like eating an entire cake if I break it (although one of my resolutions should probably be NOT eating an entire cake. Whatevs). My resolution is to blog every day! Huzzah! That doesn't mean write a good blog post everyday, but at least I will try to write something. I figure it will help keep readers around, help me get more of a focus on my writing, which will hopefully, in turn, get me into the writing mode once again when I head into the daunting task of writing my fifth novel.  Like I said, don't expect Shakespeare (um, if you read anything I write you already know not to expect that. And I'm not saying that in a dissing myself way. It's not as though I'm sitting around reading Ol' Will, if you know what I mean), but expect something everyday.

Here's hoping this year is a good one!

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