Friday, June 03, 2011

Shanty Row

Here's the newest ad from The Shanty:

How can I not try this restaurant?  Although, how can it not disappoint?  Unless everyone in there is dressed in period garb and the tables are wooden with benches and, let's face it, looks a little like the Three Broomsticks inside, then I will not be satisfied.

Speaking of satisfaction, I guarantee some if you come see me at Chicago's Printers Row Lit Fest this weekend!  (And by that I mean literary satisfaction.  Perv.)  I'll be on a panel with my friend, James Klise, and author Debra Moffitt speaking about YA books.  You can find us Sunday at 2:15 on the Mash Stage.  I hope to see some of you there!  My newest book, Don't Stop Now, which doesn't officially release until Tuesday, June 7, will be on sale at the Fest!  And I had new postcards made!  How can you resist?


carey farrell said...

i am so intrigued by this shanty place.

i'm also intrigued by the prospect of getting your book on sunday, but i think i'm doing printers row on saturday (i only allow myself one day, or i end up buying ALL THE BOOKS IN THE WORLD, rather than only half the books in the world). i'll definitely be at the winnetka reading next week. looking forward to it!

Julie H said...

Carey, so glad you're coming next week! I hope there are other people who will be at our Printers Row panel on Sunday. Nothing more pathetic than three authors talking amongst themselves and their relatives watching.