Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeling the Love

This past Saturday was the release party for my novel, Don't Stop Now.  It was my most well-attended release party ever!  Not only were my mom's FOUR sisters in attendance, as well as their hubbies and even a cousin, but a bunch of my old students came.  That really got me.  Like, REALLY.  Like, if I thought about it too much, I might cry.  Because now that I quit my job as a school librarian officially, I won't have any new past students.  The students are always and will always be the best part of working in a school, and I completely miss the hilarity of that.  My husband keeps reminding me that if I feel the need to (and certainly if I need to for financial reasons) go back to work, I can always get a new job at a new school with new students.  In my mind I always think easier said than done!  But, he is right.  Although that still doesn't make me miss being with the kids any less.  What was I saying?  Oh, yes, the release party!
Robert from the Book Stall introducing me.  He was kind enough to set up some road trip worthy snacks!

Reading from the first chapter.  I didn't sweat like I did at Printers Row.

I made a Don't Stop Now BINGO game!  It worked really well.

Each BINGO square was a location visited by the characters in the book .
I was quite worried my BINGO game wouldn't work.  It's really hard to distribute places evenly on a BINGO board and hope that you didn't just give five people the same layout.  But three people won at different times.  I gave out prizes from the Mars Cheese Castle.  It was awesome.  Thank you again to The Book Stall and to everyone who attended the event!

And don't forget: you have until tomorrow NOON (Central time) to enter the contest to win a signed copy of Don't Stop Now.  All of the rules and stuff are here.  Now it is up to you!


carey farrell said...

so nice to meet you on saturday! the release party was lots of fun.

Brandy Heineman said...

Just got my copy of Don't Stop Now from Amazon! Looking forward to reading it! :D

j.a.f. said...

Hi! You are so great! Well done on the book release and just as well done on the bingo game! Glad you had such a good time. Now when is the party for your Australia book launch? x

Julie H said...

Great to meet you, Carey! Thanks for coming! Hope you like it, Brandy! And j.a.f., in my dreams! Seriously. I dream about going back. Get rich and bring me there, please. ASAP!