Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the Winners are...

I wasn't online much yesterday.  I decided to take my daughter to the Milwaukee County Zoo, which is a sweet little zoo with a bunch of animals and things to pay extra for around every turn.  We chose to ride the little train and the carousel, which Romy fears yet always wants to ride.  Because of this long day, I didn't get to announce the winners of the Don't Stop Now contest!

As suspected, there were very few entries of people finding Don't Stop Now in the wild.  Um, one actually.  So you win, Nora and Em!  These lovely ladies are from the Love YA Lit blog.  Here's the pic:

So cute!

And the Twitter winner is...
davyjones6!  Or The Teenage Librarian!  She has two names.  I'll send her a tweet that she won.  Oh, the excitement on this rainy morning.  Sorry if I am dull today.  I had a horrid night's sleep last night.  Lots and lots of bad dreams.  I know I should be shiny and bouncy for my winner announcements, but I can't muster either.  Tomorrow hopefully things will be different, and I can tell you about my sadness of not going to the San Diego Comic Con this year and who I'm looking forward to meeting at the Chicago one (not even a close second).  Have a good day?

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Teenage Librarian said...

Woot! Kudos to the winners who actually got a picture. I'm sad that I failed in that quest.. :( But happy I won! <3