Thursday, June 09, 2011

Julie Heartburn

Ug.  The heartburn is bad this morning.  I think it's because instead being normal after breakfast, I laid down to watch Blue's Clues (with my daughter, not just for my own pleasure.  Although don't put it past me).  Bad move.  My heartburn has been creepy for months, so now I've started sleeping sitting up.  Or not sleeping.  The usual.  I saw a doctor a while back, but he was icky and quite possibly a perv, so that didn't help.  I may try another one.  It wouldn't behoove me to have a hole in my esophagus.

I find it rather hilarious (in a pathetic, typical way) that my Dear Teen Me post has ZERO comments on it.  It's like being teen me all over again!  If you are so inclined, please stop over there and say something.  So I don't look like a big loser. 

In non loser news, there is an awesome review of Don't Stop Now over at Just Your Typical Book Blog.  Sweet!  To all of the great reviewers out there: if you have a moment, would you please post your reviews on Amazon?  It would be cool to have some stellar reviews going on the Don't Stop Now page.

Last DSN talk: don't forget the contest!  On until next Tuesday!

On to what you really want to hear about: Am I watching So You Think You Can Dance?  (Really the worst name for a television show ever.)  I don't know what to do.  I just don't feel like committing to two hours of a program two nights per week.  Unless it's Ghost Adventures.  I'm more in a ghost hunting mood than a dancing mood.  But when I watch, I love.  So what to do?  If only all of life's great mysteries were this inane.


Beth said...

Heading over to your teen page now. I'm reading Don't Stop Now, so far I really like it. Just wanted you to know I'm posting about your reading tomorrow, and I linked to you ;)

Beth said...

Julie, I lied. I cannot figure out how to comment on teen me page, which may be why you have no comments. Sorry. Wow. Being a teen is so hard. I'm just glad it's over and now I re-live my traumatized teen years through YA!!!!

Julie H said...

Thanks for reading the post, Beth! See you at the reading!