Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It's DON'T STOP NOW's release day! Plus TWO Contests!

Good morning!  I am hopped up on Kashi cereal [aside to note that I would not choose this cereal except that my doctor says I am possibly borderline diabetic due to my taste for the sweets, and this was one of my delightful compromises] because today is DON'T STOP NOW's release day!  Wooooo!!!!  Or W0000000t!  Although, I always think w00t sounds like a toot.  See what this Kashi is doing to me?

Normally, release days, for me at least, are somewhat tame and anti-climactic, besides the fact that I have a new book out.  But today a whole bunch of great bloggers have posted delicious [way more so than my cereal] reviews!  Here is a tasting [you see my theme here]:

My official blog tour started yesterday at A Good Addiction.  Look, they even made a fancy graphic!

The always awesome Book Chic posted a review on his blog.  He also read aloud from Don't Stop Now on Friday!  So sweet!

Adventures in Children's Publishing posted an interview with me about my adventure in children's publishing.

A smashing review of Don't Stop Now from the lovely ladies at Love YA Lit.

The Book Muncher [maybe I should try that instead of my woodsy cereal] posted another great review!

If I have forgotten or missed any posts, please send me an email.  I feel so happy and lucky that so many people are taking the time to read and promote my books.  Thank you!!!  Kisses and Krispy Kremes for all!

Now a contest!  I think I've tried this before with little success, but I'm going to try again.  Because it has the travel and seek qualities that I think jibe with Don't Stop Now.  See if you can follow along:
  • Go to a book store.
  • Find a copy of Don't Stop Now.
  • Face it out on the shelf and take a picture.
  • You can tweet it to me @julie_halpern [um, can you tweet me pictures?]
  • Or email it to me at julie@juliehalpern.com.
  • For every dozen entries I receive (because a dozen reminds me of baked goods), I will offer up an additional copy of my book (although I may have to cap it if I get a ton of entries.  Doubtful I will hit that mark, though).
  • You have until next Tuesday, June 14 at Noon Central time.
  • My apologies, but I can only ship within the U.S.  I rarely make it to the post office during actual business hours.
I will also offer a SECOND contest.  For anyone who tweets about THIS contest, I'll enter you into a separate drawing for a copy of Don't Stop Now.  Is this confusing?   I'm confusing myself.  Especially since I'm tweetly-challenged.  Remember to include @julie_halpern, so I know you tweeted it.  Is that how I'll know?  Oy.  Someone let me know how I'll know if someone tweets about this.  The first person to help me gets an extra entry into the contest.

Go forth!  Share the love of Don't Stop Now!  And eat some Cookie Crisp and a donut for me, will ya?


Teenage Librarian said...

If people are tweeting about your contest and include @Julie_Halpern then you should be able to look at your @mentioned and see all the tweets that mention you. And see if they are talking about your contest!

Happy "Don't Stop Now" release day to you! Can't wait to pick up a copy at the book store. It will be perfect for my school furlough(ugh!) vacation in Hawaii(yay!).

craftysunday said...

Julie! This is fantastic! I totally tweeted about it (and I rarely tweet, except for YA related goodness). I'll see you Saturday at the Book Stall.

@getyryayasout (that's my twitter...handle? name? thingy?)

Julie H said...

Teenage Librarian, You have saved me from being a moron from now on. I had NO IDEA about the @mentioned thing. I mean, I have sent @mention messages to people, but I had no idea how they saw them. Sigh. THANK YOU.

Can't wait to see you Saturday, Mindi!

jpetroroy said...

Yay! Happy release day! I tweeted for you! :)

Em said...

Found your book at Oblong Books & Music in Rhinebeck. Love that store! Love the cover of Don't Stop Now too (and words contained within of course)!


Julie H said...

Jen, thanks for the tweet! And Em-- wow! My very first Twitpic! You are awesome!!! Made my day!