Monday, July 20, 2009

Comic-Con Planola

We're heading out to the San Diego Comic-Con this week. It will be Matt and my third time (the first being on our honeymoon) and Romy's first. She's still nice and portable, so it should be a relatively easy trip (although, well, we'll just have to wait and see about that). Matt and I don't fall into the hoopla that goes on in HALL H (where all of the famous people are) because that's all about camping out in your seat and big, long lines, just to see famous people for famous people's sake. Instead, we find some of the nice indie comics people to see (this year's crop includes one-named Seth, Lewis Trondheim, and Richard Thompson), as well as some silly and random programming, along with TONS of time in the exhibit hall to shop and ogle. I love to get lost in the throws of nerdlings and comics! Below are some of the things I am most excited about seeing:
-The Futurama panel. This has been my favorite panel each year because they always have the cast speaking, and they are hilarious! The guy who plays Bender slays me. The annoying thing is that each year, as Comic-Con gets more crowded and popular, this gets more and more packed. Last year we had to wait in a long line, and who knows what to expect this year, which has already sold out? Still, it really has been my favorite, laugh-out-loud event both times I've gone, so this may be the one line we brave. Unless...
-The Big Bang Theory is having a panel, and I really like this show. It's not in Hall H, so maybe it's not expected to be as popular as something else?
-Alex Winter, of Bill and Ted fame, is directing something that I have no interest in. However, I am a big Alex fan. Loved his weird TV show The Idiot Box with Eddie the Flying Gimp as well as his movie, Freaked. Hoping he'll sign one of my Freaked dolls!
-1o Year Spongebob panel. Bringing Romy in her Spongebob outfit.
-A Glee! panel and showing. I don't know if it will be insanely crowded, though, which might push me away. Plus, maybe it will ruin the mystique of the show?
-A panel with Seth Green and Breckin Meyer. Just would be cool to see them.

There is more, I'm certain, but Romy's, um, attached to me at the moment and I can't get up to look at my schedule. I just hope that the plane and hotel go on without a hitch, so we can enjoy the insanity that is Comic-Con!!!

To relive some of the 2007 Con, click here. (Sorry about the super-slow loading.)

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