Thursday, July 16, 2009

ALA Part 2

Yeah, so, like I promised, I will now write more about my experiences at ALA last weekend. But what I really want to talk about is Harry Potter! Anyway, let's see... ALA. I'd like to thank the sweet group of BBYAers who waited at my publisher's booth before my signing and then took a picture with me (where is this picture? If you're reading this and you have this picture, send it my way!). Actually, that makes me curious as to where there may possibly be other pictures of me. Like, at the Coffee Klatch (I mean, they had a professional-looking photographer snapping away! Where are these pictures? And, come to think of it, I never saw the pictures from when I went to NYC to accept the NAMI award over a year ago. Another professional Photog. Maybe they just hire people to look like professional photographers so that people at the events feel special, but there really isn't any film in the cameras. What was I talking about?). Anywho, my husband, Matthew Cordell, had a very nice parallel post about ALA, so I'm just going to send you over there for the rest of the ALA info.

Now for Potter! I now truly believe that the whole reason they switched the Potter schedule and released the movie way after the fact was because if it came out when it was originally supposed to (November 21, 2008) I would not have been able to see it in the theater because Romy was born six weeks early (November 1). Because she is now able to eat solids and I can be away from her for about 3 and a half ours without my boobs exploding, I was able to see HP and the HBP on opening day! I was literally vibrating with excitement. I am always a little nervous at the movies because I don’t want the idiot audience to ruin my experience (what the frig is wrong with people anyway? Won't don't they revere movie theaters? Why don't they respect the quiet? Why must they be doing twenty things while watching a movie? Why do they SUCK?), but this crowd wasn't too bad. There was a turdish kid who had to keep speaking at full volume, and a family that brought a way too young kid along who was all whiny, and one dumbass in the back who whistled at random points, but all in all, not a bad crew.

Oh I loved this movie! It was so much better than the crappy Order of the Phoenix. Whoever that random screenwriter was (because it was the only film where they didn't use Steve Kloves), he sugged ass. Left too much out. But Stevie is back and he delivered! Oh, it was so good. Beautiful and powerful and sad. Right now, my favorite part of the film is when Dumbledore saves Harry in the cave and he's all waving his wand around and making fire and he just looks TOUGH. Dang that was good. I can't wait to see it again. And again. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it thousands of times!

I suppose I should really go outside and enjoy this nice weather. I think we are going mini-golfing now. Let me know if you have any ALA questions or comments, or if you'd like to discuss Potter. I may have to bring back the ol' Potter Question of the Day (that no one seemed to want to answer except me). Hmmm... Yup. Gotta do it.

If you had to bring a date (from the Potter-verse, of course) to Slughorn's party, who would it be?

You all should know my answer by now. I even mention him in Into the Wild Nerd Yonder!


Nina said...

omg love your post. I'm going to the movie tomorrow. I so agree about feeling nervous about the audience! Last time I went to a movie (MOON ... good), the guy in front of us got up, snatched a cell phone out of a fellow movie patron's hands (who was annoyingly texting during the opening credits) and threw it across the theater and into the wall. Of course the illegal texter got all pissed off and stomped out to get an usher, who then called out the cellphone hater. And then they argued and it turned into this giant hubbub that totally ruined the beginning of the movie! I can't blame the cellphone hater entirely. I also hate texters. But that was a bit extreme. And if people actually followed the rules and didn't text in movies, he wouldn't have been so angry and compelled to create a scene. Now I'm nervous for HP! I hope there won't be any texters.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I have mixed feelings about it. I loved it but at the same time I hated it. Most everything was from the books (except the Weasley house being destroyed, but I'm thinking that did that early to set up the beginning of seven because they'll be skipping the wedding and all that) but I hated the fact that we never really got to know Voldemort and how/why/etc. to the horcruxes. We know they're out there, but any hints as to what they might be was left open, which I was frustrated about. Plus, the cutting out of the big Hogwarts battle at the end made me mad. And Harry and Ginny only got one kiss-I wanted more Harry and Ginny love!!
But other than that I really enjoyed it and I would take Ron to Slughorn's party too.
Funny side note-I took a booklight with me and finished reading Into the Wild Nerd Yonder while waiting for our midnight showing to start. I thought it was an appropriate choice of books, what with the nerd factor and Rupert Grint love and all:)

Julie H said...

Nina, that story is HILARIOUS and frightening! I always envision myself doing something to people who piss me off at movie theaters. Once I tattled on two talkers, and the usher came in to shut them up. But that was it.

GBTQ- I love to think of my book at the HBP! I was thinking of sending Rupert a copy when it comes out. Should I? Would he even get it? If he did, would he even read it???

Anonymous said...

I loved Harry Potter! It was amazing! It was the funniest to offset the really sad ending. The people in front of us laughed at EVERYTHING! Even the stupid stuff that wasn't even funny. Luckily, they were laughing so much that the usher did not hear my father snoring, so we didn't get kicked out of the movie theater :D. If I were to go to Slughorn's party I would definately bring Draco Malfoy. He was really the most interesting one in the movie, and I'm glad that he was showing signs of a conscience(crying because he didn't want to murder). Very amnazing movie