Friday, June 01, 2007

Like Nobody's Business

This was a freakin’ hard week. It was a major work week, with lots of classes scheduled, responsibilities, and meetings. My assistant is getting a new job, so I will have to hire someone new for next year (not so bad since it came at the end of the school year). This morning I had to present some reading awards in front of the whole school, which shouldn’t bother me, but I had sweat stain fears and tripping fears and booger fears, etc. Not that anyone in the audience could have seen. And it went fine. Of course some students were upset that I didn’t give them the awards, which always makes me feel guilty. But I do feel right about my choices, and a couple of the kids I gave the awards to came to talk to me. One said she was jumping up and down. This afternoon I read “The Butter Battle Book” to some eighth grade classes, which was fun but exhausting after the whole awards trauma. The big crapola was a retirement party that was being held in my library. They had to move EVERYTHING, which I was so nice about all week. But it really sucked seeing my library torn apart. I really made that place into something great for the students. Not like it won’t get back to normal next week, but it was tough. And it will require a lot of supervising and moving crap on my part. So I’m in a reflective, depressive state these days-- bad dreams, stress stomach, the grumps. Two and a half weeks left of work, then vacay. I need it. People sometimes like to bitch about teachers, since we get so much vacation time. All I have to say is: get yourself a friggin’ teaching degree if y’all are so jealous, and try working with kids for nine months and then NOT having a vacation. Mmhmmm. I thought so.

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zanna said...

twas a freakin' hard week over thisaway, too, lassie. so let's be empathy twins. power!

right now i'm SO wishing i was a (poorly paid part-time) teacher again, with a summer vac ahead of me... sigh.

Tracy said...

Why wouldn't they hold the party in the gymnasium? So much easier to clean that floor. Gruff.