Monday, June 11, 2007

Children of the Women

I watched Children of Men this weekend, on recommendation from my next-door neighbor (it's one of their teenage son's favorite movies). I liked it. It had some humor in it, even though it was quite dark. I never noticed Clive Owen before, but he was very good. This is the blandest movie review EVER. I am not working the adjectives. Ah well. I'm just trying to get another post up, and I'm tired. Last week of school. Anywho- The movie even made me tear up a little, when the baby was born and everyone marveled at it. I believe it was based on a book (I am not going to fact check. That's the quality of my blog: very little fact-checking). So what was the deal with the title? Children of MEN? I didn't see any men having babies. In fact, it was a very forgettable title. It was one of those movie titles that I never get quite right, so I sound like an old lady when I'm talking about it. If I had to rate it out of five stars, I would give it a three. There ya go. And now you know why I don't write movie reviews for a living. Good night.

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T-Boz said...

I HATED that movie. And J + I still can't figure out the title. Blech. Horrible movie. I saw CO working out once. He's much slimmer in person.