Friday, June 15, 2007

Breakfast Blog

Good morning. I'm writing at 6:38 am because I am trying to get a quick blog out before work. Buffy is on. It's the episode where they take away her powers to test her. Too icky for me.

Does anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance? I like it a bit because I love to watch choreographed dancing, but I think I may have to boycott now that my favorite dancer is already off of the show. I forget his name, but I even voted for him on Wednesday night. How many calls do I have to make in order to keep a kid on the show? Why bother? During the commercials I flipped over to Never Been Kissed on ABC Family (which is a channel full of hypocrites because they always have horndog teens and sex talk, but when you want to say the lord's name, they bleep it. Oh! And the scene where Molly Shannon comes in to the classroom to teach sex-ed was cut! Do you think it's an evolution vs. Creationism thing?). I love that movie. I think it's Drew Barrymore's best acting job ever. She completely gives everything to the role, from the frumpy walk to the stupid faces. I really love it. It's acting as a bit of inspiration for my next novel, which I'll write this summer. I love the older brother character in it, played by David Arquette (who looks just like he did in the Buffy movie). I think my favorite part in the whole movie is when Drew eats a pot brownie (um, hello ABC Family?), and dances. And then she goes home and eats a pie and claims that someone ate her pie (ooh- that sounds pervy when I write it). I better go to work. It's the last day for the kids. Yeah!!!

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T to the L to the H said...

That episode of Buffy drove me nuts. That type of plot always does.

I loved NBK too! Did you see Drew's performance in Donnie Darko. It's small but well executed. Check it out if you haven't already. It made it to my permanent DVD library.