Sunday, June 17, 2007

No More Teachers...

The school year is now over (sound the happy horns), although I do have to go in for the first few days of next week, before I leave for ALA (If you're going to ALA, stop by the Feiwel and Friends booth- 2859- on Saturday from 2-3. I will be there signing copies of my galley!). I even have a meeting from 4-7 on Monday. However, none of this is a big deal because I will not leave for work until traffic dies down, which means I can wake up at a decent time (I think 7:00 is decent) and not have to sit in hellish traffic. Plus, I will have time to work out in the morning, thus starting my faux summer workout regime, where I tell myself I am going to work out every day during the summer.

For the last school related piece of the school year (unless something noteworthy happens next week), I would like to share one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me while being a school librarian. One of my students gave a speech at eighth grade graduation: the top ten things she has learned and will missed about our middle school. Here's what she said for number nine (I have a transcript of the speech):

The Library: It is a special place of discovery and sanctuary for many of us. It is where I go when I need a quiet place to work. Ms. Halpern is always there to give you advice on a book or if you just need someone to talk to. You can always find something to do- whether it's playing board games, answering the question of the day, or looking at the display of themed books for the month. It was like my little vacation from school. I have learned that you can get away without going far away.

I am filled with joy, knowing that the kids get it.

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