Thursday, May 31, 2007


I’m at work, and there is a student talking to me non-stop right now about how he has been attacked by all kinds of bugs. Even horse flies. Yeah.

Did anyone watch the season finale of Shear Genius? It sure came and went with little fanfare. I kind of liked it. But I’m totally excited for Kathy Griffin’s show to come on again. Matt and I saw her live show. It was my first standup show, and it was so funny. There were these oldies sitting next to us who were not at all enjoying the raunchy gay humor. I didn’t like the theater it was at, though, because I am very particular about where I sit. When I bought the tickets, I swore we were on an aisle in the center. But it turned out that the only aisles at this place were on the ends of the very looooong rows, so I was stuck in the middle of the balcony. What if there was a fire? How would I get out in a timely fashion? So half of the show was spent having minor panic attacks.

I just saw that Weird Al Yankavic is playing at a theater near my house. I’m trying to decide if that would be fun. Alas, it is on the evening of the New Teacher Retreat, and I am on the New Teacher Retreat Committee. So no Weird Al for me. Speaking of Weird Al, I think we should have a discussion about the best Weird Al parodies of all time. My personal favorite is “Fat,” the parody of Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” That video is beyond hysterical. OMG. I’m laughing out loud as I write this at work. It is parody perfection. So come on. What are your Weird Al faves?

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