Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It is official: Into the Wild Nerd Yonder has won the South Carolina Young Adult Book Award for 2012! I sort of knew about this months ago, but no one had actually told me I'd won. Which made me feel like I didn't win. The email finally came this week, so now I can envision the clothes I will wear when I accept the award. Although, will there really be an acceptance speech moment, or more of an "author giving a speech about her book" moment? Book life is never quite as glamorous as movie life. Which is fine with me because I can't walk in high heels. Yay winning!

Speaking of winning:

Yeah, that's Matt, me, and Luke Perry. He was chewing gum. And said (re: the narwhal on my t-shirt) that his son's favorite animal was a narwhal. Romy refused to meet him. I guess she has some sort of celebrity standard, like she'll only meet someone dressed in a costume. Like this guy...
...which gives me some great ideas for my acceptance speech outfit.


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Congrats on the win!!

Julie H said...

Thanks, Sarah!