Friday, August 17, 2012


Yesterday I started re-reading the first three chapters for my next book (or my next next book, since it's not the book that's coming out on October 16 called HAVE A NICE DAY, in case you forgot), which I had typed up months ago. I am quite pleased with myself that they didn't suck, and they introduced the story and characters nicely. The only thing that really bugged me was the name I gave the main boy character. You ready for this surge of creative genius? His name was JAKE DILLON. Seriously, Julie? It's like I had been watching Sixteen Candles and 90210 (original flava) and thought the name sounded sexy. I am embarrassed that my brain even went there. Perhaps, and I'm just throwing this out there, since I actually typed those first chapters up (from my handwritten pages), maybe the computer changed the name. Because computers can do that. Global Thermonuclear War, you know. And the only winning move, of course, is not to play. Maybe I should change the character's name to Joshua. [Um, I hope someone out there got all of those references. Otherwise, I really sound cray cray.] Who's Johnny? [I know that last one was not from the same movie. But it seemed apropos.]

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Betsy said...

I got them. You're not crazy. Jake Ryan was totally the hottest. My favorite part of Sixteen Candles was when everyone was rushing to get in the cars to go to the church for the wedding and the one grandpa is like "Get in the car Helen. Helen. Helen, get in the car!"