Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is the End

Huzzah!  I finished draft number one of GET WELL SOON II!  It weighs in at 397 handwritten pages.  Of course, I still have a few scenes I have to go back and add.  Sequels are tough.  There's a lot of recall and rereading involved.  For me, it went (and continues to go) like this:
1.  Reread GET WELL SOON to get into Anna's voice again.  Take really bad, not very helpful notes that I think are going to give me enough info to write the sequel.
2.  Write the sequel, all the while jotting down seventy million questions I will have to go back and answer once I'm finished.
3.  Reread GET WELL SOON again, this time taking copious notes, using highlighters, and inserting Post-it notes throughout.
4.  Type up the manuscript.  We're looking at probably the next two months on that.
5.  Now I have the text to search in order to locate all my screw-ups in continuity.
6.  Pray that everyone who read the first book forgets things if I slip up and change things on them.

So that's a sequel.  I wouldn't recommend it necessarily.  I mean writing one.  Not reading one.  Please read it!  When it comes out in 2012. 

I shall now leave you with two brilliant Sesame Street pieces.  The first being that Sesame Street is pulling the skanky Katy Perry footage they filmed.  I, for one, am happy about this.  First, because our young boys and girls will see enough objectifying images of women in their tiny lives.  They don't need that on Sesame Street.  Second, Katy Perry is a toolbag for thinking this was OK to wear in front of children and puppets.  Grow the eff up.  The only reason most people even listen to her music is because she's half to fully naked in all her videos.  Am I right?  Ooh.  I sound mean.  But she crossed the line with my Muppets.

The second is this (naturally) brilliant play on True Blood.  Even the opening credits!!!

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Robyn said...

Do you know how much I love you right now? I just picked up Get Well Soon yesterday night, finished this morning, and got super mad at you for the dang cliff hanger ending. WTF! We wanna see what happens, missy. SO then, I went on to your website to write you a mean hate letter, and then saw your blog. I thought you were gonna be one of those authors that never updated your blog after 2005, but you dooooo! SO now, im uber excited for Get Well Soon 2! But please, hurry up and dont wait till 2012. Were you kidding? I cant sense sarcasm through text. Anyway, best of luck.
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