Thursday, June 18, 2009

Julie's Most Awesome Book Covers

I've been hoarding silly book covers for a while now. This is the fourth library I have worked in, and I have seen my share of hilarity. I wish I saved every one because I know there are some doozies that are lost forever in the stacks. I do have several, though, collected in the past few years that I will begin sharing in a new blog segment called Julie's Most Awesome Book Covers (is that a lame segment name? It's late. I'll try to think of something catchier. Or, if you like, suggest one for me). I'm starting with one of the best. It's a YA novel (as most will be) by Neal Shusterman. Neal's books can be pretty scary and suspenseful. The cover of Speeding Bullet, however, appears to be the scariest thing about this book, published in 1991.
Now check out my AWESOME tweak of the cover. I worked hard on this, ladies and gents, painstakingly cutting and coloring the M. And let me tell you, if you want to make me laugh, this is the way to go (click to enlarge):
Every time. It is freakin' hilarious EVERY TIME. I sure hope you agree.


Matthew Cordell said...

This is actually cracking me up. The commentary here is what kicks it up a notch.

jimmyprell said...

Wow, that cover is all kinds of creepy.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

That cover is terrible-the Mullet title is so much better and actually something I would be scared of, so I'm sure it'd be a better scary story!:) I've found some awful books when weeding too. Have you seen the awful library books blog? Pretty funny stuff.

Julie H said...

Thanks, Matty. JP, hope you don't have mulletty nightmares. GBTQ, I figured there had to be something like that out there! What's the link?

Brian James said...

Speeding Bullet...that's a Scholastic Classic :)

Speeding Mullet though, that would be legendary.

I have tons of odd covers you'd love. I used to work in the Scholastic archives back in my NYU days. I used to bring home tons of old books that fell into the "Holy shit, look at this cover" catagory.

The Fabulous Journey to Mushroom Planet, anyone?

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Here's the link: And you got featured on School Library Journal's Fuse 8 Productions blog! Congrats!:)