Friday, June 05, 2009


As a completely inappropriate follow-up to my Grandma Sylvia post, I now must ask: why do middle schoolers draw pictures of penises in each other's yearbooks? It's so gross to open a kid's book to sign it, and there's a penis! One girl had some boobs in her book. Really? I don't get it. I guess it has always been that way, since I distinctly remember Abe Betancourt, who I didn't even know but who I rode the bus with, signed my 8th grade yearbook: "Have a f%$*in' headbangin' summer. Do bongs." Um, will do, Abe. And then he promptly threw my awesome green pen out the bus window. Nice.


Megan H said...

In my fifth grade yearbook, a sixth grader in my gifted program wrote, "Have a good summer then die of AIDS". Thankfully, I didn't take his advice (Though I think I had a decent summer that year).

A fan said...

Why do middle schoolers do anything they do?

Because they're middle schoolers.

Hayley said...

well i am a middle schooler and boys just think its funny...but girls like me dont. i know if a teacher in my school saw that that kid would be expelled

Brian James said...

"Have a f%$*in' headbangin' summer. Do bongs."

best yearbook message ever ;)