Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ghosts of Blogs Past

This is so weird. Sometimes, I don't get a single comment on my blog posts (for which I don't blame you, since I know I can be sporadic about posting. But I have been much better this summer, haven't I?). But I STILL get comments on a post from almost ONE YEAR ago. The post (click here to read it) was a little rant about how Chandler's assignment notebooks had gone out of business and where the heck was I going to find a suitable replacement (which, gack, has not happened and I had to make do with a Trapper Keeper version and put in a makeshift address book). Like I said, that post has almost been up for an entire year, and just today I received another comment on it! I figured out a while back that the reason people are finding it is that they do a Google search for "Chandler's," and my post comes up. But I think it's really funny that people are so passionate about the Chandler's that they feel the need to comment.

And now for another Julie's Most Awesome Book Cover:
from a Time Life series on Human Behavior. Not much more to add to this fabulous atrocity.

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A fan said...

Sorry Julie, but this one gave me the willies. My first thought was Governor Sanford! He has 4 sons.

I'm a SC resident and right now anything that reminds me of Sanford makes me ill.

My apologies to the man in the photo!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

That is a truly awful book cover!

Julie H said...

A fan-- my husband is from SC, so now both his original state and current state (IL) have governors of shame.

GBTQ- This whole series has frightening covers.