Thursday, October 02, 2008

Name my book. Please!

So I still have to name my next novel (out fall 2009). You may recall (or not) that I wanted to name it "Roll for Initiative," but people have not been jiving with that. I figure when I get the book back from the copywriter (righter? Why don't I know which is correct?) I will read it again and hopefully get inspired. But if not, I could use your help. So here is a list of things in my novel. Maybe someone out there can come up with a good title. I do not want a list title, however, like, "Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging" because that is one of my faves, and I feel like ever since it came out there are too many book titles like that. Here we go:

-teenage girl
-sews skirts out of funny fabrics (one for each day of the school year)
-plays the drums
-has two best friends who are kind of annoying and end up sort of betraying her
-likes audiobooks
-is very smart
-befriends weird nerd girl
-doesn't want to become a nerd necessarily herself
-learns how to play Dungeons and Dragons

OK. Go to it. Ask me questions if you have any. Thank you in advance for your help (if you are, in fact, in the helping mood).


skyebird said...

Teenage inititave

Mehy said...

Okay, Ms. Halpy! Hope you get this. LE and I have been a-thinking. Another thing I came up with was 'Plastic Dice' which is sorta lame, but, you know, her friends are like fake. Plastic. If that makes sense.
Trying to think up more things! ;)

Mehy said...

Here's maybe another one from LE. She says that it doesn't relate to the story much, but it's kinda catchy. "Roll the Dice."
What do ya think?

mehy said...

Sorry we are talking so much. RE
- Experience points
- Chaotic Neutral (or Chaotic Good)
- Gamer Chick

Hayley said...

"teenage adventures: my dramatic change".....maybe.

"friends are friends" or yes?

how about maybe....hmmm.....maybe "teenage decisions"

"who ever made the idea of friends".....possibly..i am trying my best here.i am trying to make attractive names

or.."my adventure" nah maybe

how about "the drummer girl" or "fun fabrics" "time to choose"

"popularity is important" if that makes sense.

Hayley said...

ive been thinking......

"The nerd girl helped me"

i know its lame. u gotta give me credit since im eleven years old.